Peer with us!

March 9, 2019

Peer with us!

We run mesh networks over multiple endpoints including datacenters, our houses, and school labs. These networks are non-profit, for educational and amateur scientific research purposes.

If you also run non-profit networks, you may peer with us. We run DN42 with IPv4/IPv6 and Internet with IPv6. We use BGP for inter-AS routing, Babel and BGP for intra-AS routing.

To reach us, click on the e-mail button on the top-right corner of this page.

Note: we DO NOT provide public commercial service, and our services have no SLA. We reserve the rights to accept or reject any requests based on our preference.

Our Autonomous System Numbers

Points of presense

Our infrastructure includes:

(The list changes from time to time and may be out-of-date because we constantly run out of our pocket money.)

Tunneling to us

We support:

We disable IKEv1 as well as weak ciphers (e.g. non-PFS or 3DES) for security.

Bedroom colocation service

Alternatively, you may colocate a router, a server, a Raspberry Pi, or other devices on colocation racks located in our bedrooms, if they are small, quiet, and cool.

Since we constantly move home, please consult us for locations available.

(We reserve the rights to check, disassemble, or even reject your devices for safety reasons, usually for DIY devices.)